2022 VBS Program 

Sunday, August 14, 2022 

8:15AM - 8:45AM - Registration / Breakfast / Exhibits 

8:45AM - 8:50AM 


Gregory Adams, MD, FACS, FASMBS 



“The Shark Tank” 

8:50AM - 8:55AM Introductions Gregory Adams, MD, FACS, FASMBS


Panel: Teresa LaMasters, MD, FACS, DABOM, FASMBS

Eric DeMaria, MD, FASMBS

Catherine Varney, DO

Denise Hall Psy.D. 

8:55AM - 9:05AM Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gregory Schroder, MD, FACS

9:05AM - 9:15AM Gastric Bypass

Jennifer Salluzzo MD FACS FASMBS

9:15AM - 9:25AM Sleeve/DS

Timothy Snow, DO

9:25AM - 9:45AM Panel Critical Questioning/Commentary


9:45AM - 10:05AM Break/ Posters/ Exhibitors 



Weight Recurrence and Non Responders, what is the best approach? 


10:05AM-10:15AM Surgery is rarely effective… 

Stephen Wohlgemuth MD, FACS 

10:15AM-10:25AM Panel Commentary


10:25AM-10:40AM When in doubt, surgery, surgery, surgery. 

Eric DeMaria, MD, FASMBS

10:40AM-10:50AM Panel Commentary

10:50AM-11:05AM Early, frequent, sustained medical intervention is always best.

Kristina Kratovil, MD

11:05AM-11:15AM Panel Commentary

11:15AM-11:35AM You are all crazy. These patients need real help. 

Kati Duncan, Psy.D.

11:35AM-11:55AM Panel Commentary 

11:55AM - 12:00PM Wrap up 


12:00PM-1:00PM Business Meeting