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In addition to a full weekend of meetings, as is normal, we will have time on Saturday afternoon for personal time to do things around the resort and Williamsburg.


Kingsmill has countless resort activities including award winning gold course, a day spa, tennis, swimming, and others. These activities as well as local attractions including Colonial Williamsburg, Market Square, shopping, Williamsburg Winery as well as several well respected breweries and distilleries can be reviewed at Williamsburg Activities | Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg VA. We encourage everyone to get out on Saturday and enjoy Kingsmill and the Williamsburg area.

Lastly, do not forget that VBS After Dark will continue this year when we transition to the Virginia “Bourbon” Society. Please plan to attend and bring your favorite bourbon (or other lesser drink) as we celebrate another year of the VBS. 


We look so forward to all being together. If you haven’t made plans to be there. Please do so immediately. It will be a great weekend. 

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